Our Avant IT division provides website design, programming and hosting services to our clients. 

A Balance of Design and Function 

Pretty, but dumb... A beautiful website that is difficult to use won't benefit your site visitors nor your business. Smart, but boring... A highly functional website that has no marketing impact isn't going to excite your visitors. That's why Avant balances design with function, building websites that are beautiful AND that are easy to use.

Website Updates Made Easy

When choosing a website design firm, ask whether your website includes a content management system ("CMS"). All Avant websites include an advanced CMS by default, giving you the power to update your website text and images with just a web browser. Content management isn't an "extra", it's an essential.

Mobile-Ready Websites

With the explosion of mobile devices, your website may need to work on a variety of screen sizes. Our websites are designed with this in mind. If you want your website to be accessible and convenient for the maximum number of visitors, a "mobile-ready" website is a must. 

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